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         The Missoula Wedding Guide/Planner is a guide to assist you in coordinating your wedding day and

ensures  you will have the most wonderful day with your loved one that you both have been looking forward to. We

have the best of the best for where to select the perfect formalwear, the most beautiful floral arrangements,

photographers, music, caterers, location of your ceremony, limousine services and more.

     We look forward to assisting you plan for this exciting day to share with your family and closest friends, and

we commit to providing you with exceptional service.  The Missoula Wedding Guide/Planner offers a wide variety

of professional services that will assist you in making your wedding day complete. Our guide consists of:

     Personal Wedding Planners, Location of Your Wedding, where to order Flowers, Rentals & Décor.  A guide in

selecting the perfect Formalwear, Wedding Cake and Invitations.  And of course the right person for the

Videography, Photography, Clergy, Catering, Limousine Service, Travel, and where to go on your Honeymoon!

CITY STATE SOMETHING UNIQUE- Located near something, should be fun and area oriented. Several Sentences.


Marriage License

Marriage License Requirements
The cost for issuing a marriage license is $53.00 payable by cash, Visa, or MasterCard. Please note that we will not

accept a personal check. Due to the length of time it takes to issue a marriage license, you should plan on arriving in

our office no later than 4:30 p.m. Both parties must be present with a photo ID and be at least 18 years of age. The

bride, if under the age of 50, must provide proof of a Rubella blood test or a doctor’s statement regarding sterilization.

This information must be submitted on the State of Montana Premarital Certificate and must be signed by a physician.

Or the bride and groom may choose to read and sign an Informed Consent/Waiver which waives the requirement for

the medical certification of blood testing for rubella immunity. This form may be obtained from the Clerk of District

Court in any county in the State of Montana and should be available electronically in the near future.

Missoula Marriage License Information




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  Helpful Wedding Tips:

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Creating Personal Traditions:
Writing your own wedding vows may suit your personal wedding style, but it can be a bit of a daunting task to begin

with. If you are trying to write your own vows, don’t let the task overwhelm you or intimidate you. Writing your own

vows should begin and end with how you feel, not what others are expecting. If you are creating your own wedding

ceremony  and style and you want to write your own vows, here are a few questions to consider in creating the

vows you want to make.

When and where did you first meet?
What was the state of your life before the two of you met?
At what point did you realize you were in love? Describe the feeling.
What inspires you about your loved one?
What life goals and dreams do you share?
What have you learned from each other?
What qualities make your love unique? What qualities will keep it strong?
How has your view of the world changed since you fell in love?
What do you most look forward to about life with this person?
What are some special moments in your relationship? Use them all, even the sad times as well as the happy,

moving,  or profound.
What happened the day you asked her to marry you? How did you feel?
Reading the vows you have written yourself during your wedding ceremony can be one of the most romantic things

you’ve ever done. It’s the kind of thing that really helps you create your own personal wedding style. Writing your own

vows is a kind of personal touch that cannot be replicated by any other style of vow.


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Lewis and Clark came through the Missoula Valley in 1805, but it wasn't until 1860 that Europeans settled here (although a Jesuit priest, DeSmet, opened a mission south in the Bitterroot Valley in 1841).

Before settlers arrived, Western Montana was home to the Salish, Pend d'Oreille, and Kootenai tribes.
In 1860, C.P. Higgins and F.L. Worden opened a trading market that they called the Hellgate Village. (Today you can buy wine, espresso and huge deli sandwiches at Wordens Market on Higgins Street downtown). The name hellgate came from French trappers, who found carnage from warfare, including bones and bodies, in the canyon on the east edge of town. The Blackfeet and Flathead used the close confines of the canyon to battle one another. The canyon is still called Hellgate today, but only winter winds are a threat now.

Hellgate Village was a success, followed by a flour mill and a sawmill, which the new settlers dubbed Missoula Mills. Mills was eventually dropped, leaving the town with the name Missoula. Which, by the way, comes from a butchered version of the Salish name for the area, "Nemissoolatakoo."

Jeanette Rankin, the nation's first Congresswoman, was reared in Missoula in the late 1800s. She was elected to Congress before women could vote, on the eve of the first World War. She served one term, then was re-elected to Congress on the eve of the second World War. She is the only legislator to have voted against entering both wars.

The town is still steeped in active politics. And its economy is still based on retail trade -- people from hundreds of miles around use Missoula as their base for shopping and for finding medical and other professional services. The University of Montana and the Forest Service are also heavy economic hitters here.

Be sure to visit our historical "photo album" featuring fifteen photographs of Missoula from the early 1900's.



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